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Southwest Florida Eagles Happy Three Week Birthday Little E9 J

Southwest Florida Eagles Happy Three Week Birthday Little E9 J


Southwest Florida Eagles - Happy Three Week Birthday, Little E9! / J..

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Growing awareness, sharper skills and keener instincts will serve E9 well as reaching the first branch and taking the first flight become a reality.

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Soon E9 will gain more and bigger air time as flight feathers continue to fill in and high hops and hovering will have all holding their breath.

from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam fame, fantastic photo by Desiree Deliz Photography .


Harriet and E9 in their nest. Photo Credit: Desiree Deliz via Southwest Florida Eagle

E9's is becoming more independent which allows Harriet and M15 free time to perch and soar together further strengthening their bond to each other.


SWFL Eagles - E9 Is Gone. Let's Keep The Egg, Dad! 5.10.17

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog


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"Spreading my wings"

... graders have been discussing endangered animals, and why we need to take care of the other living things on this planet. When discussing the bald eagle, ...

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10/4/2016 Southwest Florida Eagles


Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

a month ago - Monday March 25 2019 11:35am M15 and E12 found on a front pine behind nest tree. E12 eating the roadkill dad brought to E12 at the pond.


Like a dog, bald eagles pant to cool off in warm temperatures. They do not sweat like us. This nice close up shows the tongue. Look closely for the black ...

Beautiful profile of E9 with growing juvenile feathers. (Screen capture from SWFEC cams by Anja Edleman)

a month ago - E12 flew with the roadkill that M brought to the ground by the pond to this tree in the front pine. M is watching E12 eating on a ...

April 26, 2019 Hello eagle watchers! The nestlings have been growing fast. They will be 4 weeks old this weekend, and are about 1/3 of the way to fledge.



Our much beloved E9 -2017 Birds Of Prey,

Mom and Dad have invested many hours and expended much energy rearing and preparing E9. Harriet and M15's calling is to accept that their exceptional young ...


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E9 winging in the rain (Photo captured from SWFEC cam by Tadeusz Kacynski)


22 days ago - E13 is 113 days old today and has been sticking close to the nest waiting for a fish delivery. We had some excellent zooming showcasing E13 on ...

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Bald Eagle Update Feb 2015

Harriet, SW Florida Eagle Cam Desiree Deliz Photography

a month ago - Harriet is on the attic branch in the late afternoon as the sun is low in the sky. She starts to preen her feathers as she always wants ...

Mom, Dad and E9 family feast. (Screen capture of SWFEC by Cathy Fincher)

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The bill is still very dark and will stay that way until the eagle turns 3 years old. Then you will begin to see more yellow. By the time the eagle turns ...

Screenshot from Southwest Florida eaglecam


24 days ago - The E's watched the pasture activity, skimming the pond and the trees for prey to catch and watched from the pond snag for a food drop or two.

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Harriet and M15 enjoy the sunset on the old cam tree. (Screen capture from SWFEC by Hollis Amelia)


23 days ago - E12 is seen at the pond and decides to go into the water and take a little butt dip! E12 always has so much fun at the pond ...

a month ago - E12 really loves the pond and once again goes in to take a bath! E12 flies down and does her cute little butt dips and then a wing ...

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April 2, 2019 Chick 2 is not going to take being bossed around by its older sibling. There is only 1 day between hatch dates. These two are close in age and ...

22 days ago - E12 flew from the nest tree pasture to the south and east out of sight, returning an hour later vocalizing, landing in a pond snag.

The next night is taking place on Saturday, September 22, to celebrate — you guessed it — Bruce Springsteen's birthday. Hannah describes the event as "New ...

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23 days ago - An Anhinga caught a live fish in the pond and speared it with its beak. In order to get if off its beak to swallow, the anhinga is ...

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One year ago today, 14 students and three teachers were killed at their high school in Parkland, Florida, in the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook.

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Rosen visits vineyards in Napa Valley with her falcons to rid them of songbirds, which like to snack on grapes. (Jon McPherson for Napa Valley Vintners)



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a month ago - The E's skimmed the pond, flew to trees, 'chased' after each other and tumbled in the air when E13 flew at E12.

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a month ago - The E's were active flying in and out of the pasture area, flying at tree branches to break off,carrying pine cones and airplants or moss ...